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Core licensing/host capacity


I have licenses which use the hosts total core capacity. The virtual machines used are not showing applications. So I have allocated the vm´s and hosts and checked that allocations calculates licenses and that the license calculation uses host capacity. I have tried point rule sets: 1 core equals 1 point and each core equals 1 point.


Yesterday it worked on two licenses (prod and preprod), today it only works partially on preprod (and during the last hours it is calculating less and less entitlements, but I have been sitting in a meeting and not done anything besides running reconciliations. The integration and development licenses has never worked. When it does not work like it supposed the hosts are calculating 1 entitlement instead of the correct core number.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Did you check the "Show assessment details" report from the consumption tab? Maybe it gives an idea why consumption was calculated the this way.

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I can not find anything under assessment.


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