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How to populate under the license restrictions tab in bulk?

I have a use case where a client is consolidating Two FNMS systems into a single instance.  The plan is to have purchases and contracts from the smaller instance and create new licenses in the bigger instance.  We have a need to apply license restrictions to separate consumption.  For the existing licenses in the bigger (already established) instance, I have the need to set the proper business unit on the restrictions tab.  So, I noticed business adapter studio doesn't have fields to set restrictions.  If I try to associate the correct enterprise groupID and update the back end table for all the pre-existing licenses in the bigger instance, are there implications that I should be aware of, or is this safe to do? 

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Like always, better have a backup done before messing with the database. Other than that it should be rather straight forward. The table for restrictions should be SoftwareLicenseScoping_MT. Be aware that the reference to GroupEx is done on the GrouExID, not GroupID.

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