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How to handle decommed or moved Oracle databases

What is the best practice for managing Oracle instances that have either been decommissioned or moved to another server, in FNMS? Is deleting them recommended?

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Hi @a_cutler2.

1. The server has been decommissioned: Then the Agent is no longer reporting, the LMS scripts are no longer running against the device and its instances do not report on the OSW.  In this case you have no need for the old instance records. 

2. The instance has moved to another server:  It is not clear here if the original server is still running other instances, in which case it is still actively reporting Oracle DB inventory to the OSW report

You can use the system settings option to "Remove Oracle instances that have not reported inventory for some time" which can be set to 30, 90, 180 days or never (default).  I would set this to 30 days as best practice to clean up the old instances shown in your Oracle instances report.  

**Be sure that you do not have older DR instances that you want to keep record of.



How to we handle decommissioned servers?  Is there a way you could reclaim licenses for devices which have not reported for 90 days or so and archive the devices?  I see something like "Archived Inventory" in the tabs, but that seems to refer to IBM PVU Licenses.  My question is more general with respect to entire servers.  What are the best practices? 

Hey @a_cutler2  - FNMS doesn't offer an easy way of doing this. There's a lot of reasons for why you wouldn't want to enable the 'delete instances older than X days' option. Anyway I go into each instance record and uncheck the licenseable box if it's been retired. I also change the role from primary to 'none' so that I have an easy way of identifying what's been decommed because FNMS lets you search by role but not by licensable status.

Hi @flexeranoob , that would be a different topic, related to Inventory Management.  Archived inventory is related to IBM inventory only.

In short, best practice is:

  1. Have an asset in FNMS for each inventory device
  2. Have a data source that can inform the status of your asset - installed/retired/disposed etc; 
  3. Change asset status and hence the status of the linked inventory.
  4. When the inventory is no longer in the source system (FNMS/SCCM/Altiris), the record is removed form FNMS (unless it had IBM PVU software on it in which case it is retained under archived Inventory)
  5. Monitor your standard reports - inventory with out assets, assets without inventory, inventory issues etc to achieve a healthy system.

Refer to the online help and training for guidance in these areas: