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How to delete License Server Administrative Sets (2018R1)

Hi there,

I am currently trying to delete "old" license server adminstrative sets in flexnet manager(2018R1). When I mark the checkbox and click delete - nothing happens. I have already removed the license servers and users out of the corresponding sets.

Role is set to administrator / super administrator.


Is there any other way to remove the sets?

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Hi @SHS_Gmbh,
I don't understand what you're referring to by '"old" license server adminstrative sets', please elaborate a bit more, or include a screen shot with more details.


in case of a getting new license servers I was creating a new License server administrative set, so the "old" LSAS with the "old" server has to be deleted after the transition phase to the new license server. So I want to mark the checkbox and click delete - see screenshot.

When I do this - nothing happens.




This is a known limitation in this version, please refer to for a published workaround.


Thanks! I will try to use the workaround.