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How long reconcilation job takes in your FNMS instance?

Hello All,

Reconcilation job execution time was 2 hours when our implementation went live. Eventually it increased to 4 hours and now 6 hours from past 1 month. With every new implementation, Reconcilation job timing is increasing and without reconciliation, numbers in the FNMS application sometimes do not make sense from business perspective.

- What are the options to reduce reconciliation job run time?

- How much is Recon job run time in your environment?

- Any pointers to make execution time better?


Thanks in advance for your help!

Vinod Jadhav

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Vinod,

It is hard to make any specific statements that are generally true in this regard. Of couse increasing database performance may help, e.g. moving data files to SSD based storage. Also faster CPUs could help (depending on what's the bootleneck). Also in some cases the network (between application and DB server) might be limiting.

Then it is usually depending on what data you have in your system. A good start would be to identify the top 5 or 10 import steps lasting the longest. The Compliance Reader log should contain the details. Depending on the steps, there might be room for improvement (or not).

Best regards,


Ours is Cloud implementation, hence Flexera team should take care of infrastructure issues/improvements. I have raised Support ticket. Let's see what Flexera support suggests.

Hi vinod_jadhav,

Thank-you for raising a support ticket.

For the benefit of anyone following this thread, further investigation has identified that 2 of the 6 hours running reconciliation are spent creating the LMS audit export zip which isn't strictly required by reconciliation results and could be processed separately.

The team will raise a product enhancement request for this LMS audit export performance to be improved or to be done independently of reconciliation.

This may not explain the slowdown experienced by end users during reconciliation.  If this slowdown persists, I suggest working via support to identify exactly time periods where slowdown is observed for further investigation.


Do you know if these product enhancements are slated for any future releases in near future? Reconciliation impacts most of the Flexera FNMS customers, hence any quick improvements would definitely help in this regards.




Hello Vinod,

One thing that improved performance for our inventory job, was exclusion of some paths from file evidences scanning.

If you do collect information about file evidence it might worth investigating. In our case there were around 8 directories that contained some system related files, not useful in any licence calculations. They account for 50% of all file evidences!

We were provided with a handy script from one of support specialist that counted it neatly, and helped identify such paths,  but I will need to find it. 

Hi Vinod, 

We had noticed the same and a lot of this was due to the accumulation of a lot of data gathering for file evidence that was not needed.

Try going to Discovery & Inventory > Settings

Depending on your enviornment you may be able to exclude folders depending on the OS's you manage.

In the Excluded file evidence section you can choose certain file paths to exclude for file evidence.





Hopefully that helps! We did this and it reduced the time of the reconcile.


Great answer, thanks a lot

What SQL server version are you on? We are on 2016 and once we moved the compatibility level to 2012 for all FlexNet dBs, performance increased and recon time decreased.


We were on Cloud, so was not sure on the SQL server version but we recently moved to OnPremise solution and Reconcilation performance is better than Cloud (6 Hours Vs 8 Hours). In OP Solution, we have SQL Server 2014 with compatibility level set to 2012.

- Vinod