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How can I remove multiple inventories at once using Business Adapter

I use the business adapter to change status or to upload information.

Could you please share how can I create an adapter to remove machines from FNMS

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The best practice to "Delete" an inventory device is to delete the device from the actual inventory source.  If you do not do this, then the device will just be created again within FlexNet Manager.

For example, if the Inventory Source for a device is Microsoft SCCM, and you delete the Inventory Device in FlexNet Manager, then the next time you perform an Inventory Import from SCCM this device will be created again in FNMS.  If you delete the device in SCCM, then the next time you perform an Inventory Import from SCCM, the same device will then be deleted from FlexNet Manager.

I agree with you.

But we are sure that these devices are removed and never come back.

We are only to clean up 1000 devices which are in ignored state as of now.

I am looking out for a way to do it.
I tried with business adapter but I don't find a button or option to give command for removal

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Please be aware that deleting inventory is not possible via Business Import when you run FNMS cloud. Only FNMS on prem will allow the following:

  • FNMSCompliance
    Have a look at the Stored Procedure "ComplianceComputerRemoveBatch"
  • FNMSInventory
    Check out the Stored Procedure "ComputerRemoveBatch"

Both allow you to remove multiple inventories. As mentioned by @kclausen, you'll might have to clear these inventories from the source.

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I am using FNMS Cloud, So how can I perform the same??

What should I do to remove, tere are more than 1 thousand devices and individually it won't be possible to remove, please suggest. 

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@kclausen and @mfranz 


Devices which I am reffering are already removed from the source and from the environment but their footprints are still on Flexera.
That is the issue. Last inventory is there under ignored inventories 

Please suggest a solution 

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There is no automated way for FNMS cloud. In the WebUI you could filter and then use Multi-Select and remove them that way.

Softline Group is Europe's leading independent expert in Software Asset Management.
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Thanks for your quick reply!

There are around 10k Ignored devices and out of them only 7k I want to remove, there is no unique feild to filter.

Any other solution 

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@chirag_sharma2 - For FNMS Cloud, you have 2 options:

1) Leave them as is.  They are currently set to a status of "Ignored".  The software on these devices will not consume against your Software License Entitlements, and these devices are not counted towards your FlexNet Manager License.

2) If you want to actually delete them, your only option is to delete them manually from the User Interface.

Is it possible that Flexera team can remove them from Backend ?

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Hi @chirag_sharma2 ,

Faced similar problem in deleting bulk inventories which are very old and found a workaround to delete inventories in bulk.

  • Tag the ignored inventory with some comment like 'decommissioned' using a business adapter
    • you can add these comments to a custom property.
  • filter for that comment in FNMS web UI all inventory page => select all & delete. 

Hope this helps



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