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Office 365 application and point products reporting in FNMS


lf office 365 pro plus is installed in full, will Flexera know to report the application Office 365 2016 Professional Plus as being installed only or will it list Microsoft Access separately as an installed application? Would it list another point product applications installed on the same device? What typically would influence the different outcomes if any?




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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Installations of Microsoft Office are typically recognized as "Office" applications in the Application Recognition Library, and not the individual component applications.

This is in line with how the installations appear in the Add/Remove Programs applet on Windows: in there you see "Office" shown as installed, not the individual component applications.

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Thank you Chris. That helps put things into perspective so I can go and validate at the soure.

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Arthur,

This is all assuming your specific use case, Microsoft products on Windows.

Application recognition is usually driven by installer evidences. What FNMS recognizes and shows on the WebUI will be based on your "Add/Remove Programs" data.

If there's an entry for "Office 365 2016 Professional Plus" it will show that. If there is a second application, say Access, it will show that as well. There can be cases where one application will replace another (see application precedence) or multiple applications form another one (bundle). But in the mentioned case it shouldn't do that.

How your licenses do mark these installations as licensed or not, will depend or your specific settings (e.g. license application linking, use rights).

Best regards,


Thanks Markward!