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Flexera Version and license details


How to find out , if we are using on prem or cloud version of flexetnet manager suite from the web based application

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You may go on setting tab in right top cornel in web gui & you will see in dropdown flexnet manager suite license

In that view i am able to see the Product version but unable to find whether or not its in cloud or on prem version 

What is the URL that you see in your browser when you have logged in?

If the URL looks like an internal Server Name, then you have On-Premises.

@kclausen  Thank you for the response , i think its a internal one , how does a url look like if its in cloud ?

@Shashikant - You will see "" as part of the URL.

Also, only in the Cloud version, you will see a 'Log off' menu entry on your user in the FNMS UI.

With the on-premises version of FNMS, you have to close your browser window :-).