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Flexera Light Agent

Other than not possessing auto-upgrade feature as the full agent does (though can be disabled if required), what other reasons would a light-weight agent be the best option?  

Thank you. 

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Light weight agent (or called inventory scanner) is more like a 'plug and play' tool , as far as I know our solution engineer uses them quite often by demoing this tool capability on a customer machine during POC. Get the ndi and import into a demo FNMS so that customer can see how it looks like in FNMS level.  Simply speaking if you don't bother manually transfer the ndi file from machine to somewhere (beacon/server), then this tool is pretty handy as you don't need to run installer of agent and specify upload/download location on agent reg key etc.

This is first pop up my head. HTH



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Hi Deannag,

Another reason of using the light agent is the way the agent is controlled. Administrators are in control of these agents using specific admin accounts and schedules. Also the service accounts can be temporarily enabled during a scan window which increases the security level. The full agent runs as the user ROOT or SYSTEM which is not very safe and allowed by system administrators..