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File Evidence mapping with publisher and devices



Any one idea on how to do mapping of file level evidence with publisher & devices.

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

If you have unrecognized evidence, I suggest submitting it to the Flexera Content Team so it can be added to the ARL. In the meantime, you can manage this locally by:

- adding your file evidence to an existing entry in the ARL
- If the appropriate application doesn't exist in the ARL, you can create your own application and assign your file evidence to that

I hope this helps.



These are coming under file evidence not in unrecognized evidence.




Please could you provide a bit more detail, e.g. a redacted screen shot that points out what you're seeing and asking in this context?


We can see these file evidence but want to map with attached devices on it.

@durgeshsingh - Such a report/view is not available within the FlexNet Manager UI, due to the potential volume of data that this report would generate.

You have the option to click on the a row of Unrecognized Evidence to see the Details.  There will be a "Devices" tab where you can see the list of Inventory Devices where this specific Unrecognized Evidence is installed.

If you have FNMS On-Premises, it would be possible to create such a report with raw SQL, but the script would be very complicated.