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False positives file evidence

When we inventory user devices and discover file evidence of cracked applications we then contact the user and request that they remove the file (which they do). However, when devices are inventoried again the same files are flagged over and over again despite being removed -my question what is likely to be the reason behind why Flexera is still identifying these files as being on the devices, why would we continually be getting “false positives”?

Is this an error somewhere at the data source or a known issue with Flexera?


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@Raerob - what is your source of inventory, and how often does the inventory run?  For example if it only runs once per week, it will take at least a week for a new scan to run and be picked up by FlexNet Manager.

There may be other pieces of evidence that is found that will cause the application to still be recognized by FlexNet Manager.

If you open the Inventory Device and go to the Devices tab, you can see the raw Installer or File Evidence that is being used by FlexNet to recognize the application (along with the Last Inventory Date).

If you are using the Inventory Agent, the agent will scan the recycling bin for file evidence if the recycling bin is not excluded. 

There is a possibility that the files were removed and placed in the recycling bin where they are being detected. This is unlikely to be the case, but it is a possibility. 

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