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FNMS WebUI login details over log

Hi All,

How to know the person or the account who is logging into Flexera from logs to findout if there is anyone logged in and made certain changes which might affect the Application at some point of time.

I remember seeing the webui log in the compliance logging part of the Web App server but I believe there should be some tag which need to enabled for this activity to be tracked in the log.

Could someone help me in understanding that setting to enable so that I can track who is logging into our Application and check with them for possible changes they made to revert for the issues?

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 You can obviously enable further webUI logging as per How to troubleshoot unexpected errors and red error bar messages in the FlexNet Manager Suite Web UI using webui.log (and FlexNet Manager Suite Logging Reference) but I don't think that this will provide the audit logging you're looking for (if I interpret your question correctly...)

However, you may be able to combine the logging with the solution activity logging within the system, including user activity. Data objects (e.g. Contracts, licenses, Assets, etc.) have a "History" tab that includes an audit trail of changes to the record. A change history record is created with a description of the change, who made it, and when.


Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. I am looking for the data which is deleted from the UI if in case accidentally which impacts the Inventory Import and License Reconcile and if we are not sure about the device which was deleted as well.

If we have audit logs, we can look into the logs and understand what was deleted and who did it.

for exe: if someone deletes an Inv device accidentally which might reduce the license consumption for some commercial assuming it is part of the machine. Then we can see in the license history that the device is unlinked by the service account but not the actual user who deleted the device right?

If I want to understand the user who deleted it will resolve the issue by limiting the access post such activities. and create awareness among the team that it is deleted by so and so person.

If we dont have the track of it, everyone thinks that someone else has deleted and might lead to complications.



You're more than welcome to create an idea for further logging needs.

However, I would also recommend to look at your processes as there may not be a need for everyone to have all the access rights they currently have. Also you may want to make use of the hardware asset management capabilities and implemented other processes to avoid "deletion by accidents" or other type of "finger pointing" internal discussions...


By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Good morning GSC, I hope you're well?
Thanks for reaching out via the Community!

It's not formal logging, but this might do what you're after.
When I'm looking into devices being deleted, I tend to use something like this on FNMSCompliance:

SELECT TOP 100 * FROM ComplianceHistory
WHERE NewValue IS NULL AND ComplianceComputerID IS NOT NULL AND SoftwareTitleID IS NULL

(You could modify the filters to identify changes between two HistoryDates, for example)

I referred to the FNMS database schema guide for this:

ComplianceHistory is responsible for all of the various History tabs in FNMS, which amongst other things means it does keep track of device deletions.
The 'Username' column would show you anyone making manual changes, or the Service Account if this occurred due to an Inventory Import or Reconcile. 

I hope that helps!