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FNMS Web UI looks different for different users

Our publisher summary is showing up different consumption numbers for different publishers on my UI than my manager. Any insight? 

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By Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion


The first answer that springs to mind, would be whether you have different rights associated? So are you able to see the same amount of assets as your manager for example. 


It shows that we are both admins.

Are both accounts assigned to the exact same roles?


So in terms of permissions Admin’s do these have the same roles, as these can differ.

If these are the same, have you checked that the WebUI is the same for both users, so filtering as an example is to a user level rather than an FNMS application level. So if you’ve changed the view in the WebUI this will not be reflected for another user.


We checked our filters and no filters are added. Yes, both our roles are set as admin. 


On the Publisher Summary view, up in the upper-right of the page there is a "Enterprise Filter" link.  Do either you or your manager have a filter on this view that is only looking for specific Locations, Business Units or Cost Centers?

No filters are added in specifics to cost center, corporate unit, or location for both of us.

Since you are seeing different data, then the only answer is that the two accounts have different security assignments or have applied some type of filter.

Just to be clear, when you go to the Accounts view and see the two accounts, the only role assigned to each account is Administrator correct?  Or, does you manager have the Administrator role and an additional role?