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FNMS is failing to get inventory from new App-V Environment

We have a new App-V environment.  We have followed the instructions in the FlexNet Manager Suite on Premises for 2019R2 EXCEPT the App-V administrators said they don't use the App-V reporting database in this new environment.  They pointed us to the App-V Management database instead.

We receive this error in System tasks even though our service account has access.  We don't see the table in the error below in the AppVManagement DB.

Inventory gathering failed.  Error:  Invalid object name 'dbo.APPLICATION_ASSIGNMENTS.

Is there a way to obtain App-V inventory without the reporting database?  We may just have to tell the App-V admins it is the only way we can get the inventory.

Thanks for any guidance!

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Hi Joan, FNMS can't (so I'm aware, for the Cloud option) strip an App-V package and reconcile the Inventory within. No roadmap to address this either.

FNMS can however, identify App-V evidence.

The manual work around is to assign the App-V evidence to a known Application (ARL). Quite time consuming, i have to warn you.