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FNMS Management Dashboard

How often do the metric cards on the management dashboard get updated?  Does it update throughout the day as changes are made or only after a full reconcile?  Or a mix dependent on the metric?

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

From a support case I opened regarding this question:

"[...] The update for the cache can not be triggered manually (Unless you clear the cached data), currently this is not planned either, as their are quite a few queries that need to be ran simultaneously with a large parameter range, which causes a higher level of system stress/usage which could effect other tasks."

So it refreshes after a reconcile?

I am still not sure about this. But I guess a reconcile should do it.

I did this testing. I removed Override price from a License and made this license Compliant also (To see changes at Management dashboard)
After running full reconcilation, UnderPurchased value changes from Management Dashboard and Widget also getting updated.
Only Chart for 'Publishers with Most Products at Risk’ is getting updated.

@gaurav_maheshw  - The data shown in the Tiles on the Management Dashboard is not in real-time.  The data presented is from a data 'cache'.  It will take some time before all of the Tiles are updated with current data.