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FNMS : Host agents not reporting into Beacon server / Web front-end

Hi folks, 

I'm looking for some connectivity troubleshooting tips please.
We're setting up a new installation of FNMS in some of our regional offices after having it working in EMEA for a couple of years.
I've installed Beacons in our networks in other countries and have successfully tested connectivity back to the main app server via the "Test connection" button the Parent connectivity page on the Beacon.
On servers where I want to install the agent software I have confirmed that the host server and the Beacon server are visible to each other (ping is successful) but once the agent software is installed I don't see the servers appearing in the main GUI for FNMS - even after waiting 24+ hours.

Any advice on where to look for errors or bottlenecks as I can't see anything obvious.

Thanks in advance.

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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

@adam_young There are a few things to try --

In addition to the ping test on windows you can also run a test-netconnection in powershell over 80 and 443 depending on what ports you are using to confirm the TCP traffic is open because ping alone is not sufficient.

You should also go to the logs directories and check the installation log for the agent and confirm if it successfully download policy.

On Windows - C:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft

* note if you installed with an administrator account you will find the initial set of logs in C:\Users\<installer account>\AppData\Local\Temp\ManageSoft

On Unix - /var/opt/managesoft/log

If the agent has successfully downloaded and installed policy then you should check the tracker and uploader logs for successful uploads of logs and inventories.

If the agent has not successfully downloaded and installed policy you should confirm that the bootstrap config file (mgssetup.ini on Windows) and (mgsft_rollout_response on Unix) are properly configured and accessible during installation.

These steps should be a good starting point.

- Dan

Thanks for the pointers Dan.  I'll ask the System Admins to confirm what they're seeing in those logs.