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FNMS Extract failing when it is large amounts of data. 100,000 rows

We  are facing issue to extract report which having more records (say 100,000), we are not able to extract report/data to any format if number of rows are around 100,000 and getting below error.

The issue we are observing after FNMS upgrade to 2019 R1 from 2016 R1.


FlexNet Manager Suite™

We have a problem.

Unexpected error

Sorry, but something unpleasant has happened. Please let us know what you were trying to do so that we can fix the problem. We suggest starting again from the dashboard, or trying again later.

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Send this text to your system administrator: Error ID: e6e12e15-2f0d-4ed7-b3e0-070819de14c3



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Try a different browser. If you are on Windows, try Edge. Even though Flexera's browser of choice is Chrome, they are having some issues recently, and Edge seems to fix those issues. We have some reports that we can't edit in Chrome, but we can edit them fine in Edge. The error you mentioned is similar to the errors we are getting.

Erick Hacking, CSAM, CHAMP
IT Software Asset Manager, Lead Sr.

Thanks a lot!

I will try to use Edge and see how it works for me.

You will find there are limits in how much data can be effectively exported through reports. How much you can do will depend on the number of rows, number of columns, and size of data held in those columns. If you are running FlexNet Manager Suite OnPremises, you can check the webui.log file on the web application server for specific details of the error (looking up the error code that is quoted), but in most cases I expect you will find you get an out of memory type error at large scale.

The best strategy for dealing with this situation is to ensure you configure reports with appropriate filtering to restrict the number of rows (e.g. don't attempt to configure a report listing all applications installations on all devices - apply a filter to limit it to selected devices, publishers or similar), and limit the number of columns included in the report.

For exports of bulk data from a FlexNet Manager Suite OnPremises system, consider directly querying the database.

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