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Hi Flexera,


We are currently doing a LIFT and SHIFT migration activities on our servers from location A to a different location B.

We are hosting Flexera Licenses on our servers.

All the licenses are hosted based upon the servers HOST ID or MAC ADDRESS.

The Server IP Address and HOST ID \MAC ADDRESS  will not be changed.


SERVER 5480285515F2 3000

VENDOR sieprts E:\APPS\FlexNet\sieprts\11.7\sieprts.exe E:\APPS\FlexNet\sieprts\11.7\sieprts.opt port=3500




Server Name :      

Host ID\MAC ADDRESS : 5480285515F2






The Scenario:

The server needs to lift and shift to new location, The Server IP Address and HOST ID \MAC ADDRESS  will not be changed. Remain same.

The Old VLAN storage will be not in used since its EOL. Will not be used any more.

The New VLAN Storage IP will be get connected to this server on the new location.

We will need to reconfigure the server ISCSI interface IP address, as it is on a different VLAN in the new site.

As the VLAN is not routed, we cannot test if the mount works or not until the server has been physically moved.



  1. Does the license file will effected if there is any changes on the storage VLAN IP changes level?
  2. Does the license file will tie to the HOST ID\ MAC ADDRESS by server only?
  3. Any changes on VLAN Storage will not effects the license file as its still according to its Host\MacAddress.


Basically it will be no issues as long the Server IP and HOST ID\Mac Address remains same, the licenses will get connected and checkout  by users.

But, We need  an advice from FLEXERA License expert on regards this questions.




Parthiban Staling

GLS  Global License Service

(2) Replies

@patrik_sliacky - What Flexera Product is this for?  The current forum that you have posted in is for FlexNet Manager Suite.

This topic looks like it may be related to license files used with the FlexNet Publisher product. There is a forum for that product here: FlexNet Publisher Forum.

With that said, the details here may depend on how licensing is implemented by the publisher of the software that you are using. The VENDOR line in the license file you have given identifies "sieprts" as the vendor, so you may want to consider contacting that company directly for advice.

(Did my reply solve the question? Click "ACCEPT AS SOLUTION" to help others find answers faster. Liked something? Click "KUDO". Anything expressed here is my own view and not necessarily that of my employer, Flexera.)