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Details about Denials in Debug logs

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Friends, A typical license denied appears as follows in the Debug logs. DENIED: "Maximo-Trans" jsr@BLL008128 [#u#jsr#u#] (6 licenses) (Licensed number of users already reached. (-4,342)) The error message contains a pair of code -4 and 342. What all ...
by pankaj_dwivedi Flexera beginner

11.15.1 license server does not append logs after restart

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We have our product running on FNP version 11.15.1 When the license server is restarted, the log file is cleared, while we have the OPT file configured to append the log using DEBUGLOG +"C:\ProgramData\FLEXlm\lmgrd\JSdebug.log" Opening the log file c...
by nico_sijtsma2 Flexera beginner

Why: Cannot lmdown the server when licenses are borrowed.

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We understand what the error from lmdown is telling us, what we're confused about is what we are being protected from. If the server is restarted, it doesn't appear that any of the "state" information about borrows is lost (at least with FlexNet Publ...
by byron_jenings2 Flexera beginner

LMtools utility cannot open without adminstrator rights

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We've been using the subject tool for the AutoCAD & AVEVA PDMS software. every time when I open the LMtool it requires admin rights. our company's IT policy doesn't allow admin rights on workstations. as a user I find difficult to call the IT represe...
by nlebba Pilgrim

EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 51 Exit reason 28

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I'm seeing the following in a lmadmin log file:EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 51 Exit reason 28Where can I find a list of of all of these signals and their reasons and the meaning behind the messages?
by JaredMathes Flexera beginner

Three Server Redundancy Configuration

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hi, Can you please help us with three server redundancy license setup. We identified 3 servers and installed FlexLM 11.15.1 in it. But the servers wouldn't start properly if we import the license file. Attaching the license file for your reference. C...
by vinoth_kumar Pilgrim

BORROW license does not work

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The BORROW license function did not work with FNP the command lmborrow {vendor|all} enddate [time] did not trigger the license borrow1. The license log shows nothing change2. Disconnect the client after the borrow operation caused a ...
by nghia_m_nguyen Flexera beginner

lmcrypt security

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We ran into a situation recently where the tech who was tasked to create licenses left the company. Although we're not worried about that particular individual's ethics or morals, we can see that its a definite security issue. Someone could walk awa...
by KevinL33 Pilgrim

lc_checkout with 10 seconds timeout via VPN!!!

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SDK version: 11.13.02Seems I experienced problem where calling method lc_checkout with option LM_CO_LOCALTEST generate operation taking about 10 seconds (I suppose it is linked with timeout in FLEX).I observate this time never mind if feature is decl...
by bhaubali Pilgrim