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Extended Support - How to record Oracle Extended Support purchase

I am processing two PO's for Oracle, with multiple products and CSI's: one for "Software Update License & Support" the other for "Extended Support". The products/CSI's/quantities are identical between the two PO's.

There are no SKU's included in the PO data. I have read the Community posts: "RH00270 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extended Life Cycle Support - how to process?? & "Extended support" but was not clear in understanding what the final outcome would be.

My question is how best to record the "Extended Support" purchase. My thoughts are to:

1. Process the "Software Update License & Support" as maintenance and apply towards the existing licenses.

2. Create new license entries for the "Extended Support" to include "Extended Support" in their titles, ie "Oracle Database Enterprise Edition Processor Perpetual - Extended Support". Link NO application to this license entry.

If this is correct, would the quantities need to be zeroed out to avoid inflating available entitlements, or, since the title would indicate "Extended Support" would the quantities need to be left in place?

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I would say that it depends on whether the "Extended Support" adds more entitlement, e.g. expands the time for which upgrade rights, etc. compared to what's included in "Software Update License & Support".