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Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

JBoss/EAP and all non binary/RPM Flexera agent discovery issues - vote here to increase the priority on Flexera Ideas

Hi Guys,

There is a known gap with the Flexera Unix agent, in that the Unix agent is limited to a handful of filetypes on this environment, and conversely to this IBM/RedHat have started to package software in .jar. Which currently has no built in recognition with the Flexera agent.

Tibco and Hashicorp are also vendors that are impacted by this, as part of my investigation and there is no doubt probably others. 

An idea has been raised to cover this off, however is still in 'Likely to implement' stage which means a timescale of over 6 months at least. 

So if this impacts your environment - please vote here to increase the priority so Flexera will hopefully prioritise this enhancement sooner.


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