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Duplicate records in Inventory Database Post Upgrade to 2019 R2


we recently upgraded our multi-tenant environment from 2019R1.3 to 2019R2. After the upgrade we are able to see 2 records on computer table(inventory DB) for a same device. 1 entry with older date(date we upgraded the application) & 2nd entry with latest date,the 2nd entry should have got created post upgrade.Issue is only with version 13.5, for 13.1\13.2 & 14.1 we see only one entry. Agents which are all on 13.5 has got duplicate entries.
Analyzing further i suspect below mentioned 2 stored procedures is causing this issue,


looks like below condition has been added on these Stored procedures which has created 2nd entry without Agentid.

-- Determine if the computer was reported by an agent whose
-- version is less than 13.6. If so, set the AgentID to NULL.

these duplicate entry in inventory DB causing inaccurate information on the compliance DB. Raised a case already and shared my findings,please assist if anyone come across similar issue.

Thank you

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Yes, Agree there is some problem after upgrading to 2019 R2 on-prem. The Inventory process is not running as it should. Importing seems to be not working.