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Oracle Database Standard Edition One (SE1) not found in FNMS Application list


Running the Cloud version of FNMS.

I try to process a past purchase of Oracle Database SE1 with the Oracle Sku dedicated for FNMS (FLX-ORCL-100062) for SE1, unfortunately no application is linked to the newly created license.
In the Application tab when I search for the Oracle Database SE1 application, nothing is found. I can only see Standard Edition or Standard Edition 2, is this normal ?

As far as I know SE1 and SE2 are two differents products.
Thanks for your support.


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I can see that you're working with Flexera's content team through support on the auto-generated support case from this thread.

Please would you update this thread with its resolution if you think other community members could benefit from it.


@Run4Fun - I think this is just a naming convention issue within the FlexNet Manager library.

If you search for a name of "Oracle Database 18c" with an edition of "Standard", you will see the following titles:

Oracle Database 18c Standard

Oracle Database 18c Standard Edition 2


It is implied that the first software title above is "Standard Edition 1"





I thought that it was the situation you just mentioned, as SE, SE1 share the same software code. Unfortunately to my understanding there are some licensing restriction btween SE and SE1.

SE = SE1 + RAC (Real application cluster feature) + Oracle Clusterware + AWM. ( )
SE1 could be installed on a maximum 2 sockets server Which is slightly different from SE2 that can be installed on a maximum 2 sockets server with a maximum of 16 cpu threads per cpu
This is why I expect to find Oracle SE1 Application in Flexera ...