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Do Flexera Beacon Server needs a SHA1 certificate (a deprecated algorithm) - SSL Certificate

Do Flexera Beacon Server needs a SHA1 certificate (a deprecated algorithm)

we are working to re-issue the security certificate Is the certificate required to be SHA1? If so, we may need an exception for the certificate being based on an older algorithm.

Or The certificate is issued privately, for a public address is fine. please comment.

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@dparab27 -

If this is in reference to FNMS Cloud, the security cert is provided by Flexera.

If this is in reference to FNMS On-Premises, then you would need to provide your own commercial security certificate and register it with IIS.

Thanks for response, We are using FlexNet Manager Cloud, our security team issue certficate here hence they want to confirm whether Flexera Beacon Server needs a SHA1 certificate (a deprecated algorithm) ?

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That is not needed.

The connection between the Beacon and Flexera Cloud is HTTPS over Port 80 using TLS 1.2

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can you please share instructions how to update the SSL certificate issued on Flexera Beacon Server and check if it is working?

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@dparab27 - you would use regular Microsoft IIS management interfaces to configure a certificate on a beacon server. For example, select the server node in the IIS manager UI treeview and double-click the Server Certificates feature in the listview, which will give you an interface where you can import your certificate:


There are many resources on the Internet providing guidance for working with IIS; here are a couple of pages that cover this type of area:


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