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Disk busy and high I/O


Today morning we notice disk 100.00% busy and high I/O on our server, as we notice NDTrack.exe services were consuming high I/O on the server which impacts the MQ manager to build more Que on the server, once we killed the NDTrack.exe service all I/O become normal on the server. Please any advice.



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Flexera Alumni
Hi Khalil,

Have you tried the latest version of the agent(ndtrack) on this machine and checked if it gives you any better results? There are optimizations made in new releases of the agent and hence, it may be useful to try with the newer version of the agent and check if the issue persists.


Thanks, But as the first point to move we need to understand the root cause for this issue.

Hi Khalil,

I will suggest you try the new agent as a test and check if it gives better results. In regards to understanding the root cause, I will suggest you work with our Support team by opening a Support case. It will be good to give information on the results with the new agent to the Support team also.

Hope this helps.