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Device list with evidence report (Analytics)


I am currently trying to create a custom report for the business which displays a list of servers and the evidence on each. 


I have seen a few posts regarding a custom SQL script that will create a report in the web UI, this is not suitable as I need to filter to a number of specific devices and there is no way we could run the report against 70k+ devices and remove the chaff.

I am trying to use Analytics as this provides the option to enter the list of required devices into the detail filter so only those results are returned. The results are not good when I try to build the report in the Cognos UI (The same report but with a list of applications rather than evidence works great), there doesnt seem to be any link between the devices and the evidence returned. I am guessing this is because there is no link between devices and evidence in the reporting section? 

I am aware the functionality has been added to the UI to view evidence on a device, however, it is not feasible to open each device and download the report if there are a large number of servers.

Any help would be much appreciated, if any SQL script that brings back a devices and the evidence that I can run in analytics are available that would be great, I can then just add a detail filter with the devices I require, I am trying to write one but having little success at the moment...

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Flexera hasn't included evidence in its Analytics data models until now. You may want to refer to this community thread Reporting and Analytics that discusses the option of adding a SQL based data connection in Analytics to the underlying FNMS repository provided that you're running an on-premise implementation of FNMS.