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Corporate Unit Business Adapter Not creating levels

Hi All,


We've created a fairly simple business adapter to create Organizational Unit structure. Currently using 2019 R2.


The import is creating each organizational name at the root level instead of creating the parent-child relationship. 


In the business adapter,  Import Rules for Corporate Unit are all checked. Update Rule is reject all duplicates. The match is on "Name". Name is formatted as "parent/child1/child2".  "Split values on" is set to "/".  Read order is "forward". 


Name is the only field mapped. I am expecting the internal logic to create the tree and link items together.  Is there something I am missing?

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On the main Corporate Unit object, is the "All Levels Provided" check box selected?  See my attached image.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks. It was selected.


I found the issue was the "ID" field needed to be part of the job and left unchanged from the default values. 


This seems to be consistent with other imports leveraging the tree structure for enterprise data; corporate units, costs centers, locations. Each job needed the ID field mapped unchanged from defaults along with the other fields used for matching. 


Thanks again for the reply. Hopefully this helps the next person stumped.


I think I just hit the same problem -but unfortunatly I do not understand your solution.

In the BusinessAdapter for Corporate Unit the ID fiels (internal name = groupexid) needs to be "part of the job" you say.

What do you exactly mean by this? or "how can I add it to the job"?

- also I do not understand your saying "keeping all the default values"... but thats possibly  directly connected...

Thanks a lot and greetings


Create a new adapter and make sure the Name and ID nodes are like below should be able to resolve your issue.
(The ID node is populated by default, do not touch it)




great stuff ! many thanks - this finally works for my corporate units as well,
thanks mengmeng!