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When you enable the Synchronize enterprise groups in user and device properties setting (located in System Settingssystem menu.png> Inventory tab), changes made to the enterprise group allocations for a user are automatically made to any devices assigned to that user.

Once the setting is enabled, if you change an existing user's enterprise group data (such as their location, corporate unit, or cost center), the same changes will be applied to the user's associated device. For example: Changing a user's location changes the user's device location.

This setting works in one direction only. Changing the device's enterprise group data will not affect the user's enterprise group data. For example: Changing a device's location will not affect the user's device location.

IMPORTANT: A user must be linked to a device before you change an assigned user's enterprise group information. This setting uses the change in a user's enterprise group information as a trigger. No changes will occur if no devices are linked to the user.

To use this feature

  • Enable the feature by going to System Settingssystem menu.png> Inventory tab and select the box next to Synchronize enterprise groups in user and device properties.

synch ent groups.png

  • After the user and device are linked, changes will be applied to the linked device's enterprise group information.

TIP: You can create a business adapter to update the enterprise group information for devices if a large number of users and devices are involved.

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Level 6

Is there an option to synchronize the enterprise groups in the reverse direction? For example, I want the user record to inherit the Location set on the inventory device, not the other way around.

Level 6

Afraid not 🤔.

Might give some challenges, as a single user might own multiple devices. Each of these devices can theoretically be linked to different groups (corp. units, cost centers and locations). In these cases, there is no easy way to decide which device information should be syncronized from the devices to the user.

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