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Citrix XenDesktop using machine creation services

Anyone in the community using FNMS with XenDesktop MCS ?

We currently run FNMS (On-premise) and have moved from provisioning services to MCS for Citrix Desktops and  App Layering and curious how others are going inventorying these devices.

The primary issue with MCS I've found is that it re-creates the device (with new serial number after each reboot)

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For one of my customer, I have the same issue, we have citrix devices which each day are recreated, and they are created with new serial number, same hostname, and this is impacting our service, as the database get field up very quickly. In my case I created a procedure that will check the compliance database each day, and set the status to ignored for duplicate devices that are older that x day, in my case 3 days. 

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Another alternative could be to ignore the inventory part completely and allocating accessing users via script. Of course, this is provided you have that information.

Thanks for the responses, I'm working with one of our VDI teams to test behavior, will post outcome here once analysed.