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Associating Purchase orders to contracts via business importer

Just looking for some confirmation/validation on thoughts regarding contracts data association with PO numbers within FNMS Cloud. I want to associate a contract with all associated purchase numbers .

When using FNMS Business importer studio, The contracts node does not have a field for Purchase orders mapping.  My natural inclination tells me I should "Add a new item" and try to build the "relationships" option out. The purchase orders Lines node has Contract number- but the source does not tell me which specific purchase order line  it is within FNMS for a particular purchase order.  I know I can add contract ID to a purchase order line but    in mind that not all purchase order numbers are in FNMS and I dont know the  corresponding purchase orderID and I am not going to want to create purchase order shells with out things like Qty, unit price sku, etc..  


The Goal:

I want to associate the purchase order numbers  with all associated contract numbers however the UI only has relationship options for "Link contract to Asset" and "Link Contract to license"  Assuming my data source does not know the PO to license relationship and the PO to Asset relationship....

Is this even possible to accomplish via business adapter given the constraints?  I see through the UI, I can drill through any contract details and navigate to the purchases tab to associate purchases...but im not going to want to do that for 10,000 rows of data.

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I think that you should be able to link to the contract (through the Contract_ID you marked in the 'Purchase Order Line' object) if you add the Contract object (and the search attributes used to find it) above the Purchase Order Line in your business adapter as it then returns this Contract_ID:


I haven't tested it so just an idea off the top of my head right now...


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