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Assign multiple enterprise groups to one device

Dear Community,


We need to assign one device to two different corporate units. The hardware and the operating system should be assigned to Corporate Unit A and all other applications on this device to Corporate Unit B. This is required due to the company's responsibility in different departments. Also there are devices which are maintained by Corporate Unit A but the installed business applications need to be purchased and looked for compliance by Corporate Unit B. 

By default, there is only the possibility to enter one Corporate Unit in the tab Ownership. Several cannot be entered. Has anybody experienced equal Szenarios? Do you have any ideas how to deal with this requirement?

Thanks for your help.

Softline Group is Europes leading independent expert for SAM and ITAM.
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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Yo Dave,

Here are your options:

  1. Have a look at Assets and check if they might be used as an addition "perspective". Might be a bit confusing in the long run.
  2. Create custom fields for those different perspectives. You cannot leverage the fancy business unit type input and tree mechanics, nor have an impact on license consumption or role based visibility options. But you're still able to depict the situation for reports and stuff.

Best regards,


Hey @mfranz

Thanks for the quick response! 


Unfortunately, using the asset's corpunit will not have an impact on compliance calculations. Hence, I guess it doesn'e help in this case. 

I like the idea of custom fiels, actually. You are right with the open topic for compliance consumption calculations. ustom reports may support in that case.  I wonder if the reports would be using the license metric and consumption rules in that case. It will be very complex. 


Is there any plan to design multiple ownership for device properties (e.g. one ownership for the hardware, one for the OS, one for installed apps, etc)?


Best regards


Softline Group is Europes leading independent expert for SAM and ITAM.

Hi David,

We should internally describe the use case in detail and then see which specific customization could provide added value.

To complement the request: I would find it interesting, if custom fields could be linked to an existing "data type", e.g. Location, including the fancy input mechanics. Of course, this would have no impact on licensing, but still...

Best regards,