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Alert red bar displays differently depending on account


My FNMS system only shows alert about "Approaching license limit" for installation account. It's not displays for any other account even if that account has Administrator role.

Can you help me fix this?

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Most messages displayed in FNMS are taken from the [SystemShutdown] database table. This table holds the message text, and the time period when the message should be displayed.

In this table, there is no way to create messages that are specific for a user account.

As an example, in case you want to display a 'Happy Easter Holidays' message in English from April 17th, 2022 (Easter Sunday) until April 18th, 2022 (Easter Monday), you can insert a row into the [SystemShutdown] table using the SQL code displayed below.

The FNMS message area is intended for displaying warning alerts.

I have to admit that displaying an Easter greeting in this message area is not a perfect use case, but you get the idea 😎 ...

  INSERT INTO [ComplianceResourceString](ResourceString) 
  INSERT INTO [ResourceStringCultureType](ResourceString, CultureType, ResourceValue) 
  VALUES('MessageHappyEaster', 'en-US', 'Happy Easter Holidays')

  INSERT INTO [SystemShutdown]
	   , StartTime
	   , EndTime
	   , DATEFROMPARTS(2022,4,17)
	   , DATEFROMPARTS(2022,4,18)

Messages about your FNMS license expiring may be triggered elsewhere - check the [SystemShutdown] table, please - but they should not be user specific, too.


I checked  [SystemShutdown] table, it doesn't have anything.
And as I mentioned above, the alert only shows when I login with installation account  even if I refresh the page.
Is there anyway to disable it?

Thank you.

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I can't think of any reason why the license warning message would appear for one user but not another (unless the 2nd user did see the message and has dismissed it). In my experience, all users will see this message.

NB. The license warning message is a different type of message from the messages in the SystemShutdown table that @erwinlindemann has mentioned.

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