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AgentUniqueID is blank after Agent installation

Good day

We have installed the 2022 R2 Agents on a few Windows machines and we find that the Agent install is successful but the Servers do not report back into Flexera. Upon checking we find that the AgentUniqueID is BLANK or not created. So we checked the following:

  1.  tracker.log
  2.  registry

They both show blank.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

P.S. This is not a clone VM. 

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

I would think a missing AgentUniqueID shouldn't stop the inventory form showing up in FNMS. What does the tracker.log say? Did it create an inventory and upload it? Do you have an installation.log file?

Hi @mfranz 

The tracker.log upload was successful. I will upload the logs as soon as i get it from support. I have attached the old tracker.log file.

I have checked the Computer table in Inventory DB and the ImportedComputer and ComplianceComputer tables in the Compliance DB and they are all blank.

Did you check if your Beacon (RBFLXBDMZ01) did successfully upload to your application server?

While your upload from this agent to EPI-RBFLXBDMZ01 may have been successful, it looks like none of the other beacons were reachable.  If this isn't by design, this should be looked into. Maybe there's some connectivity issue from the beacon to your FNMS server that you're not aware of?


@IronManMK10 , have you installed the agent as admin? I just did a quick test and installing it without, does not populate AgentUniqueID in the registry. 

Edit: Sorry, just checked one more time. Looks like registry is populated with agent id after the first run. But still you should be able to see the agent id, even when run without elevated user rights, in the tracker.log. In yours, the line is empty, not sure why. Sorry for confusion.