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Agent configuration on AWS


I was asked by the customer if they should put the full agent on there configuration templates because they use auto scaling. I didn't see anything in the documentation that discusses this. Can someone advise if we should use the full agent or the core agent.




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By Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

Hi @steven_donovan1 👋,

Was there any rationale from the customer why they would/wouldn't add the agent to the EC2 instances?

For me when it comes to a number of queries surrounding cloud - it really depends what you are looking to inventory and get out of the tool v how the environment operates.

So if the system is autoscaling (depending if this horizontal or vertical) and it's carrying this activity out over hours rather than days then potentially you will not have an accurate inventory picture, as the agent is typically configured to scan once in a 24 hour period.


I agree, there is no single correct answer here. Depending on the specific workload and context, different approaches could be useful:

  • I would always start with the actual license model and the impact any scaling would have on it.
  • Maybe there's no license relevant workload happenening at all, you could look for altenatives to depict the situation.
  • If timing plays a role (as mentioned by Ben), you might want to go for a scriped solution, instead of the full agent install.
  • If the machines are to stay for longer, use the default agent.
  • Maybe even "draw a map" to visualize different use cases.