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After a slight delay, our engineers were able to solve the remaining issue, and the latest patch release 5.5.61 for Data Platform 2022 is now available (as of February 2, 2023). We really appreciate your patience!


This release brings the following enhancements :

  • Support for role-based authorization in SAML implementation for Data Platform/User Console
  • JRE upgrade to 1.8.0_352 for User Console


This release also contains fixes on the following issues:

  • Data mismatch and performance issue on the FlexNet Manager (FNMS) extractor
  • Mapping issues due to deduplication and co-exist rules for IBM MQ
  • Data Platform Configuration Wizard disconnecting User Console when SAML is enabled
  • Patch Set or Catalog updates failing for User Console when SAML is enabled.
  • Changed the default handling of SSL certificate verification for LDAP/CAC authentication


You can click the in-product banner/notification on the Admin Console to get to this update (after a Technopedia sync). Details on 5.5.61 Patch (January 2023) can be found in the release notes posted in the documentation section of Data Platform.

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