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import data from DP to ServiceNow using web services

we have an old DP to ServiceNow integration on our instance, which invokes a WSDL call to ServiceNow to import the normalized data to SN after each normalization cycle. Subsequently a job is triggered in SN to query the BDNA_PUBLISH database on the DP server to import the data.

I am not clear about where or how the WSDL call is made in Data Platform to indicate that the normalization cycle is done and the data is ready for import. Would someone be able to help me with where in Data Platform i should look for this configuration?

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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Hi There!
The configuration that controls the way Data Platform interacts with the Normalize for ServiceNow update-set is built into one or more Flexera libraries. It is not exposed as a parameter that can be defined by an administrator.  
Might I ask what it is you are trying to accomplish? 

But for our case, DP is definitely making a custom API call to ServiceNow, saying that the normalized data is ready... go ahead and start pulling data from the BDNA_PUBLISH database. It's not clear to us how or when that call is made.