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Cognos Business Analytics AU vs PVU tracking

Hello all, We currently have licenses for two different metrics (Authorized User and PVU), but for the same product. That is Cognos Business Analytics Authorized User and Cognos Analytics for Non-Production Environment PVU. Both these products use th...

pcbwltd by Level 3
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FNMS - Data Platform connection - discrepancies

Hello, I am still new to using Flexera Data Platform which is connected to FNMS. We noticed several discrepancies between FNMS and Data Platform data:  - Different Number of devices in both systems - Duplicates on the name in FNMS and not in Data Pla...

yann_m by Level 2
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Solved DP ServiceNow integration data model link broken

Hello, Since late last week, the data model page for the Data Platform integration with ServiceNow is not accessible for version 5.0.7 of the integration app. This is the problematic link:

Data source FNMS in the Data Platform

How can it be ensured that only a certain number of assets (5000) or from a certain system type (only Windows 10 clients or Windows Server 2016) are imported or recorded in the Flexera Data Platform from the FNMS data source?Is there an example or a ...

Thomas7 by Level 2
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Solved Internet Explorer incorrect EOL

Data Platform currently is displaying Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10 EOL as 01/09/2024. Based on Microsoft lifecycle FAQ for Internet Explorer, IE 11 will not be supported after 06/15/2022 for Windows 10 delivered via the Semi Annual Channel  (L...

Count Rollup to Market Version

Hi, We've found that when we try to get high stats for SQL server versions, the reporting tool is not rolling up the count to an individual Market version.  I expect that even when there are multiple SW versions, SW editions, SW service packs; SW rel...

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