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eclass & Technopedia Taxonomy

We would like to use the Technopedia taxonomy in connection with eclass. We are looking for ready-made cross-reference tables of the systems


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Level 7 Flexeran

Hi @hanspeterschwer ,

Would you mind clarifying what you meant by eclass in this context? Are you looking at utilizing Technopedia Taxonomy to categorize software products such as eclass?



Hi Resnofendri, thanks for your reply. I'm a colleague of Peter's and taking over as he's offline rn. 

"Are you looking at utilizing Technopedia Taxonomy to categorize software products such as eclass?"

That's precisely it, we're looking to map Technopedia categories to certain eClass categories in order to "translate" between two systems, one using eCalss, the other using Technopedia taxonomy. 

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Thanks, @jubeck

Can you confirm this is the ECLASS that you're talking about: 

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Yes, that‘s indeed it 🙂


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Thanks for the confirmation, @jubeck .

Unfortunately, we do not have a ready-made cross-reference table between ECLASS and Technopedia's taxonomy. It is not something that we've heard from any of our other customers in the past, nor have we attempted to do so.

I looked at the list of categories within ECLASS, the majority of our categories will fall under Preferred Term '19 Information, communication and media technology' We do provide full description/definition of all categories that we have in Technopedia Taxonomy (can be found here), in case customers want to attempt the mapping on their own.

I'd also suggest you post this suggestion/request on our Ideas Portal to give it more visibility with other customers who may have the same need and want to vote for this content/capability as well.

Hope that helps.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



@Resnofendri , thanks a lot for looking into this for us. I'll follow your suggestion and will add the request to the Ideas Portal. Best, jubeck


cc @hanspeterschwer 

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If this is relevant to you, please vote for idea "FXONE-I-169 Provide mapping between eClass and Technopedia categories": View Idea 

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