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Type: Class 2 Change Notification


Virtual Storage comes into normalization via hardware pipeline. Currently, they are normalized to Manufacturer-level only (i.e., no Technopedia product and/or model is specified). The proposed change is to normalize Virtual Storage to Technopedia hardware products and/or models under the Storage – Virtual Storage category/subcategory.


The proposed change is intended to address:

  • the need to clearly identify whether virtual storages are normalized or not—if normalized, they need to be associated with Technopedia product and categorization
  • the need to have a single view of all inventoried devices, regardless of physical or virtual
  • the need to capture additional details provided by the discovery source on virtual Storage

Current vs. Future Behavior:





Normalized to manufacturer-only

Normalized to hardware product and/or model

Technopedia product/model


Representative hardware product and/or model for virtual Storage

Technopedia category/subcategory


Storage – Virtual Storage

Virtual identifier

Virtual flag (‘Yes’)

Technopedia category/subcategory and Virtual flag (‘Yes’)

Potential Impact

These changes will have an impact on Data Platform, IT Visibility, and Technopedia users:

  • who rely on the ‘Is Virtual’ flag to identify virtual Storage
  • who expect Technopedia manufacturer to be populated but Technopedia product and model to be empty for virtual Storage
  • who manage hardware products, as representative hardware products and/or models are being introduced with potentially blank values for hardware enrichment data (e.g., lifecycle dates, hardware specifications, etc.)
  • who manage hardware taxonomy, as a new category/subcategory is being introduced: Storage – Virtual Storage


The changes will be implemented in 2 (two) weeks


The attached Excel file "Virtual Storage Change' provides an example of proposed changes.