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IT Discovery > Other: Database / API Connection

Hello, I would like to understand the following, if anyone can help share the info I it would be much appreciated.1) Can IT Discovery > Other: Database / API Connection be configured to extract software data present in an SQL custom database, and run...

How to export data from Data Platform

Apart from logging into the tool and exporting the data as csv, is there a way to use API or any other technology to have a direct connection with Data Platform server and export the normalized data ?

Solved EOL and OBS dates

Hi, for a lot of Technopedia models there are EOL and OBS dates like 2099-12-31 or even 2999-12-31. What is the reason for this dates in very far future. Is it because one of the following: - the vendor does not provide those dates yet - the dates ar...

oqueck by Level 6 Flexeran
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Ports and Protocols

Which ports are required for remote communication between BDNA application servers?I have found conflicting information in the following links which has confused me. Network Ports and Protocols ( Data Platform 5.5 Installation Help Li...


Solved Mashup files - maximum field lengths

I have a couple of questions about the data within a mashup file.1. Is there a character limit for any field that we supply? I realise we can put any data into the file and field but I want to know when Data Platform processes the file, is there a fi...

Solved Apache Software Foundation Axis 1.*

As part of the data feed from the Technopedia Data Catalog API our team received new EOL and Obsolete information for Apache Software Foundation on 10/16/2021.After review Axis 1.x definitely seems to be EOL but our team is not finding any supporting...

Solved Technopedia Sync Error

i'm getting the below error when synching technopedia from my FDP console  Activity : Object Reference not set to an instance of object  Version : 2021.04.27FDP : 5.5.35. Build 20201028_3018

emtmeta by Level 7
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