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Pentaho Version

how can i find which version of Pentaho is used in our User Console? 


thanks penelope

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The Pentaho version included was discussed in follow-up interaction Flexera’s response to Apache Log4j vulnerabilities CVE-2021-4104, CVE-2021-45046, CVE-2021-45105 and CVE-2021-44228 and Resno eluded to the 8.3.x version there. (AFAIR the latest Pentaho update came with the 5.5.28 patch that updated it to as per Unable to export reports into a CSV file or Excel file)


hi @JohnSorensenDK  I wasn't asking in relation to any vulnerability or issue. I just wanted to know how I could find out the exact version of Pentaho is because our UI looks different to many of the pentaho training vids and i wanted to make sure I was viewing training for the correct version.  But I dont know how to find out what version is used in our data platform instance. 

thanks penelope

By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Hi Penelope

On the UC server, please type https://localhost/bdna/Home on the browser and login as admin user. You can then go to help->about to check the Pentaho version.

The current version is 8.3

if you go to Drive location Example" C:\program files\bdna\ User Console\Solution\system\pentaho-cdf\Version.txt " and you open it up it will tell you what version it is.  

mine is on the latest 5.5.66 patch and pentho shows as


Timothy Robinson