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Ignore Unmatched items

We've found a couple of items in the unmatched file that we neither want to add to the Private Catalog nor track.  I thought there was a way to set an unmatched item to be "ignored" .

Is that correct? 

If so how do we do that?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Hi Penelope,

AFAIK, there is no way to set the status of an unmatched item to something like "ignored".

Because it is quite a nuisance to evluate the same items again and again whenever the unmatched report is analyzed, we ended up with a "black list" where we add those software installations that are considered irrelevant. This "black list" is implemented as a database table. Joining the table with the appropriate BDNA_Publish table gives us a filtered list of all items still to be evaluated. In addition we use this list as the source for our input to Flexera's Gap Fill process.

After several iterations the number of items still to be tracked dropped dramatically and the effort to handle unmatched items is minimized. Most importantly, we are able to detect new installations which are candidates for the Private Catalog rather quickly. 

Regards, Stephan