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This article provides the Normalize for ServiceNow Update Set Change Log.


This article provides the Normalize for ServiceNow Update Set Change Log.


Last Update: 07/11/18

Changes to 4.5.3
Update SQL and ORA data sources for importing software installs. Fix for seeing duplicate software.

Changes to 4.5.2
Added a linux server classification type for the section Servers and Workstations
Deactivated contact support and documentation. They can be received from BDNA.

Changes to 4.5.1
Allow update RAW fields for computers if the data origated from BDNA.
Do not delete u_normalized_ fields from computer. Put those fields in ci, hardware, or computer.

Changes to 4.5.0
Modified reclassification rules to only reclassify hardware if BDNA is more specific than what was already there (linux server vs server).
Added a Vmware model to point vmware machines to.

Changes to 4.4.9
Updated the computer SQL query for Oracle.

Changes to 4.4.8
Modified onBefore script for normalize computer transform to use the new data source field name
Setting default property to not reclass SN discovered items.
Updated computer SQL query to handle same host_ids from multiple same sources (two different SCCMs, etc)

Changes to 4.4.7
Updated list columns for Normalized Computers
'Model ID Updates' business rule updated to allow Unknown and Duplicate CIs models to be modified.
Added Overview section and reporting.
Fixed bug where SW extract would fail if there were no SW records.

Changes to 4.4.6

Changed Software import transform map to hide software as hidden!=0. Previous version required if hidden=1.

Changed the default software counter to not count hidden software installations.

Changes to 4.4.3

Updated all data source queries
Added network gear data source for SQL and Oracle
Added transform map for network gear
Added is_used flag to software (queries and mapping)
New data extract for HW table (for network gear).
Promoted several new normalized_ fields from the computer table to the hardware table.

Changes to 4.4.2

Added cmdb_ci_hardware for export
Added a property to store the integration version.
Updated Oracle SW query to fix last used.
Removed word Technopedia from application menu, transform maps, properties.
Updated SQL Network gear data source to use coalesce

Changes to 4.4.1

Changed property name for hiding irrelevant records.
MacOS to MacOS X on the computer transform.
Limit results to on/after yesterday for import progress module
Updated SQL for computer load. Coalesce for null against network adapter
Data check to check for duplicate correlation_id for computer
Data check to check for credentials on technopedia_normalize user.

Changes to 4.4

Update to CDE that handles tab hiding better in Fuji (minor).

Changes to 4.3.9
Reverted ModelAndCategoryFilters script include to what is OOB. Previously we added a reference qualifier to only show major version licenses.

Changes to 4.3.8
Updated SW queries to include Last used date (additional field)
Updated extract queries to have empty clause come first (addresses Fuji bug)
Updated extract queries to filter out records w/ blank correlation ids
Modified text on the setup screen for clarity
Updated data extract mid server script include to remove ^^ (addressed bug in Fuji)
Removed SW publisher and SW filter fields from setup form. Can still be added to form and used if desired.
Added data check ui action to setup form. Does sanity check on the system data.
Removed techno protect before query BR for script includes.
Modified 'fetch extract file' BR to work on an update of the queue record in addition to insert
Added empty u_technopedia_software_ignore, u_technopedia_disk, u_technopedia_nic tables.

Changes to 4.3.7:
BR 'Build Primary Key' was removed from the update set. No issues should occur from it being there for now, but was added to the US by script, not by config change.
Fixed bug where data extracts would not change from FTP to mid server as a destination
Added code to Erase Properties to remove data extract FTP credential information.

Changes to 4.3.6:

Removed any references to CSV custom delim for the data extract.

Changes to 4.3.5:

Copy correlation ids set to false (bug introduced in 4.3.4).
Added flag on the Setup record to indicate if data prep had begun, in progress, or complete.
Small updates to script action for data prep and touch MS script include.
Got rid of csv_sys_id
Change to data extract detect error BR.
Turn off onComplete BR to delete SW records
Added FTP/SFTP options to the setup record.
Added property to choose whether or not to allow the update of a computer record that has no associated asset.
Do not copy correlation_id for items whose base table is not cmdb_ci

Changes to 4.3.4:

Ignore computer transform if computer has no asset tied to it.
Audit variables.
Modified discovery model update BR (added .nil() to condition)
Changes the columns listed in the Normalized Computers module list (Normalized view).
Changed BR 'Create Asset on insert' to not call our CF_AssetandCI

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