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Content Requests - Flexera Process


What is the exact process for Flexera identifying new products when raised via a content request to be added to Technopedia? I have raised several requests in recent months and have received similar responses for some products along the lines of "we can't add the version because we can't find it on the internet".

Is that really the case? I.e. if a particular version of a product isn't on a vendors website then Flexera won't add it to Technopedia? Take an example... I raised a request for "The MathWorks, Inc. Polyspace R2019a" to be added. It was rejected because it wasn't found online. Fair enough - however the product does exist.

So it seems just because it's not listed in an "inventory" on the vendors website, it can't be added? Are there no further checks than this? Does Flexera make no attempts to contact the manufacturer etc. when products cannot be found?

If there's anything published as to either the process or minimum actions that would be appreciated as we need to evaluate whether Technopedia is actually going to work for us going forwards if there are such restrictions on addition of products.


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As you know that, the only source of truth for us to add any new releases or product to Technopedia is vendor website information.

However, If customer provides any screen shot or some kind of proof on the installation  - we do consider these as evidence and will add them in to our library.


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Thanks, Gowda