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Data Platform Filter Results on a list

I have a list of 276 hostnames that I need to add to an existing report. Is there any other way (other than searching and adding one by one) to pass in an entire list of values to a filter? Thanks,

Solved Publisher part numbers for Technopedia software models?

Is there some place where Flexera provides the publishers part number that is aligned with a software model as provided by Technopedia?We are currently only a subscriber of Technopedia hardware, software and content pack information.  And currently I...

import data from DP to ServiceNow using web services

we have an old DP to ServiceNow integration on our instance, which invokes a WSDL call to ServiceNow to import the normalized data to SN after each normalization cycle. Subsequently a job is triggered in SN to query the BDNA_PUBLISH database on the D...

Containerized Applications and Data Platform

Hi community members,we are considering to discover the software installed within Docker containers and implement an additional normalize schedule. Here we face some challenges and we are wondering if anyone from the community has additional ideas ho...

Solved SW Support Policy doesn't show Mozilla FireFox as Open Source

While compiling a report of Open Source software registred in our environment, I noticed that Mozilla FireFox does not appear as Open source when utilizing the fields SW Support StageSW Support Policy Is there a different field that should be used to...

Solved Private Catalog

We have many many "in house" built applications that we want to add to the private catalog.I know how to add them one by one, but wondered if there is a way to add more than one application at a time into the privat catalog ?      

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