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SQL Server EOL OBS date

When running an analyzer report for outdated SQL server versions, the report shows multiple instances of EOL/OBS versions. A recent audit of our environment from an outside company states we do not have any outdated versions of SQL server. Can anyone...

cjones by Level 3
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BDNA showing wrong eol date

Hi, for some reason bdna is showing incorrect eol dates for one of our dell switches, I reached out to Dell and they told me that eol for that product is 2022 but bdna says end of 2020.

When are new credentials rotated?

When a new account is created, how long before CyberArk attempts to rotate the password?If someone add's a new account then they know what the password is. And once CA has the account details, there is a period of time where someone could be accessin...

jessy87 by Level 2
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Solved Device status best practices

Hi, what would be our best practice in regards to setting the correct device status in Flexera Data Platform when we for example import from Microsoft SCCM or any other source and with this import some devices are being imported, which we are not int...

oqueck by Level 6 Flexeran
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A couple of Errors I am getting

So I am getting a couple of errors with our data platform product. The first error when I try to update is about not being able to apply version 5.3.3 user console update. However, I am on version 5.5.22.The second error is when I try to run a Techno...

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