Community Information

Community Information

[Resolved]: Case Portal Access Issue

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Update: We've deployed a fix for the case portal issue and believe this to be resolved. For the fix to take effect, please log out then log back into the community prior to accessing the case portal. This may require clearing your cookies and cache. ...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

[RESOLVED]: Error signing into the community

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Update: The team believes they have resolved the issue and users should be able to log into their community account. If you continue to experience the error, please contact the technical support team by phone for further assistance. Original Post:...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

Revenera Community Release 8.22.21

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8.22.21 was a significant release for the Revenera Community with a handful of new features as well as bug fixes and minor tweaks. New Features Threaded Discussions and Inline Replies: To better organize discussions and keep context meaningful, we h...
by Community Manager AustinG Community Manager

[RESOLVED]: Unable to Open Support Cases

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Latest Update: The issue with case submission has been resolved. Please resume submitting your support cases via the online case form. If you continue to experience issues, please first try clearing your browser cache and restart your browser. If th...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

[Workaround Available]: Product and License Center Access Issue

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Update: We've identified the issue and will deploy a solution by the end of next week. Until the fix can be implemented, the Support team has been provided a workaround to help customers overcome the error. If you are unable to access the Product an...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

[RESOLVED]: Case Portal Outage - December 1, 2020

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Update: We've identified and resolved the issue with our case portal. You should now be able to select your product and product version to submit your Support case. Please let us know if you encounter any issues with the case portal. We appreciate ...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

Coming Soon: New Revenera Documentation Site

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Continuing with our rebranding efforts, we are happy to announce that we are launching a new Documentation site dedicated to hosting Revenera product documentation. This new site will be available by early next week. After that, you will be able to ...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager

CRITICAL: Community Stability Issues - July 24, 2020

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We've received reports of issues with accessing and submitting cases on the community. This was due to system issues experienced by our community service provider. They have since restored their service and are continuing to monitor. Should you conti...
by Community Manager cvirata Community Manager