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Solved Express Checkout / Install Now Requests

Is there a way to tell (via SQL) if a request was made by clicking the Install Now option or not? I do see that this information is in the request log, but was curious if there was anything available via a SQL query.   Thanks.

Solved App Broker On-Prem to Cloud Migration

If a company was to install and configure App Broker for ServiceNow with the on-prem version  today and later want to move to the Cloud version what are the main tasks and concerns/challenges one should expect.    The company would primarily use the ...

Solved Creating Workflows and Catalog Items with ServiceNow

I'm hoping to get a little bit of information regarding best practices when creating catalog items and workflows with an App Broker with ServiceNow integration. I see in the documentation that Catalog Items get automatically synced from AB to SN usin...

Solved Orlando Compatibility with App Broker

Can I get some information on which versions of App Broker would be compatible with ServiceNow Orlando? A customer is on AB 2019 14.1.0 and is going to have SN upgraded to Orlando and would like to know if an upgrade of AB would also be necessary. 

Solved Deploy App Broker in a DMZ

Do customers ever deploy App Broker within their DMZ's? Would that be recommended or even possible certain scenarios? Is there any documentation around how to do so?

"Purge Email History" not working

For the longest time we would get time-outs when searching thru the Email log in the console, I noticed today that we have over 2.8 million rows in the WD_MailQueue table.   I checked the purge setting which is set to the default of 30 days, but I as...

Solved Wrong User Assigned to New PC's for Request On Behalf

Working to go live with App Broker in the coming weeks, this customer is experiencing the wrong account assigned to a PC when doing request on behalf for new/re-imaged PC's. The users assigned are often the helpdesk technician that sets up the new PC...

Solved FireFox Web Extension

In a previous post regarding the new web extensions there was the following text:In case anyone missed it, we published an update to our Web Extensions installer a couple weeks ago. This release works on Chrome, Edge Chromium, and Firefox (though Fir...