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Solved Clone/Migrate

Software installed by a SCCM push (not by App Portal install request) is not showing in the Clone Migrate. Is this the norm or is something missing. There is a Catalog Item setup with Flexnet Manager Suite set to matching ARL to what is showing manua...

PBolles by Level 6
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Solved ServiceNow Integration for Record Keeping Only

 A net new customer is looking to integrate App Broker with ServiceNow, but only in a way that will create tickets in SN for record keeping purposes. They want App Broker to server as the front and back end tool for software requests, but would still...

Solved License count exceeded

In App Portal this morning I'm seeing a message for the first time since we implemented in 205 "Your license count has been exceeded.  You should purchase additional licenses or further restrict access to App Portal.Where would I find the # of licens...

Solved Time to display catalog items

In our environment, the majority of our catalog items reside in a folder (category) called "Software", there are about 850 catalog items.   From the time you click on this folder to the time the catalog items display, it takes approximately a full 60...

Solved When does WD_MyAppsAlert table get updated with expired?

On our reclamation items we have it to set expire the notification if the unused software at time of notification is later reported as used.  Today an end user received a 2nd notification for unused software, the first notification on 7/26/2020.  She...

Lease can be extended by end user on Status tab

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.  We're on 2019 R1 and we have one ctalog item where leasing is enabled and we have disabled permanent installation.  The software can only be leased for 30 days and we do not allow extensions.I just...

License Available not matching FNM

In App Portal the licenses available count for an application is not matching what we are seeing in FNM.  Is there anything that we can check to see where the disconnect may be occurring.  

Can't log in to App Portal (DEV instance)

My App Portal dev environment is not looking too good (I have not been there for a while).When I launch App Portal it doesn’t log me in, I just see Approve/Reject and Proceeded Tab. I looked at the ActiveDirectory.log and there is an error --> Error ...

NicOla by Level 7
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