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how does flexera helps in knowing application level inventory ?

does flexera helps in knowing application level detailing ? do we need to know application level detaining before migration ?

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I'm not sure I understand the questions you're raising here. App Broker will integrate with the deployment technologies, e.g. SCCM, and as such "know" which applications/packages are available for distribution. It's up to the App Broker admin then to define catalog items referring to these.

Please elaborate further on your questions, if I've misunderstood what you're looking for.


Also, if you're asking about checking for availability of a license before deploying software, App Broker does this through integration with a companion product called FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS).  When a user requests a piece of software in App Broker, App Broker will ask FNMS if there is an available license for that application that can be used to fulfill the new request.  If so, the software can be deployed automatically through your deployment system (e.g. SCCM).  If no license is available, App Broker can trigger other activities or require additional approvals so that a new license can be purchased before deploying the software.

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