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App Portal vs App Broker

Questions: I am confused about App Broker vs App Portal? Which one is for us? Answer: A lot of people have similar questions regarding the difference between App Portal and App Broker. To begin, let’s understand the history. Flexera has been offering...

Solved App Broker Database refresh activities

Hellowe are currently on App Portal 2019 R1 in production, and we recently upgraded staging environment to App Broker 2020 R2 for development work. We are wanting to refresh all of the catalog items + all related configurations from production to sta...

Gauraav by Level 4
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Solved Sending custom variables to ServiceNow from App Broker

I see the list of App Broker variables listed in the Admin guide:

Solved AD Property Conditions for Visibility

We are looking to restrict product access to certain users. Unfortunately these users do not belong to a specific security group so the next best thing that I see is to only include visibility based on a certain AD property. Currently under the AD Pr...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved Performing Request on Behalf in ServiceNow

With App Broker and using ServiceNow as the front end, are there any requirements for user accounts in either tool to be able to perform ROB? I know that Catalog Items themselves need to be enabled for ROB, but how are users given the ability to do t...

Solved Upgrade/Retire Campaigns

We are looking at implementing upgrade and retire campaigns at our customer. The documentation and steps seem pretty straight forward. I am looking for any best practices for this that the community may have, as well as, what the process is under the...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved App Broker Versions Eligible for Upgrade

Could someone fill me in on if there are any versions of App Broker that would be too old to upgrade to 2020 R1, where you would need a net new instance instead of an upgrade? 

Solved Pre-emptive Reclamation Notification

I have a customer that would like to explore the possibility of notifying end users that they are going to have an application reclaimed from their machine by App Broker before their machine is entered into an uninstallation collection, in order to g...

Unable to Access App Broker Admin TAB with Any User Account

Team,I am using App Broker 2020 R1 and I can access ESD site.But, I am Unable to Access App Broker Admin TAB with Any User Account.I have executed below SQL queryDelete from WD_NodeSecurityand reset IIS.when I click on Admin TAB on portal, I am getti...

Gauraav by Level 4
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Solved ESDService not retrying collection inserts after error

I've noticed twice now that when the ESD Service encounters an error when attempting a collection insert it does not attempt another one until the ESD Service is restarted. Is this by design?App Portal v2018 R1

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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