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Solved ServiceNow Integration with AppPortal Issue

We are working to test using ServiceNow as the front-end for App Portal requests.   We have set up the initial integration via the documentation and have successfully imported the catalog items into ServiceNow.  When we go to test submitting a reques...

Solved Enabling express checkout

Our organisation has user based deployments instead of device based deployments. Our App Portal adds users to available SCCM user collections. We are (again) thinking about implementing express checkout and are wondering what would happen if we turne...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved App Portal Clone Prod to create Dev Environment

We would like to clone our production App Portal to create a development environment.  The virtual server would be clone and the databases would be backed up and restored on a different SQL Server.We realize we have to change the admin settings to po...

Solved App Portal Announcements

Regarding the "announcements" feature in App Portal.   When announcements are created, it appears that I need to click on the megaphone icon to display the announcements.    I recall at one time the system used to display the announcement title near ...

Solved Installation Status From portal

would like to get an email alert on all non-success orders from Software portal, also it should create an incident automatically to respective teams.I am trying to create a report for all the orders and their status to analyze average time taken for ...

Solved Can you send Keywords to ServiceNow via 'meta' column in ITSM Create ServiceNow Import Set Record?

Trying to send keywords from AppPortal to ServiceNow in 'meta' field of the ITSM "Create ServiceNow Import Set Record".  Is there  a way to do this without using custom fields since Keywords are part of the catalog item? I was hoping I could just map...

My Apps exclude view

I have a my apps exclude view for a specific set of devices in our environment where we do not want software harvested.  I am seeing that even though these devices fit the My Apps Exclude view criteria the software is being harvested from them.  Are ...